Russia ready to respond to the West by banning imports of foreign cars

Moscow prepares additional measures, should the West continue running the policy of sanctions. Russia’s additional sanctions could extend to industrial goods, including automobiles. The economic war between Russia and the West may affect the field of air communication too. PM Medvedev said that the ban could be extended to US and European airlines


Russia strongly denies involvement in Boeing disaster, aks USA ironic questions

Addressing representatives of the United States, the official asked: “If the territory of the United States were fired from a neighboring territory, and, God forbid, an American citizen were killed, what would the United States do? The answer to this this question is clear, – he continued. – We show responsibility and restraint instead”


Putin sees no direct military threat to Russia’s security and integrity

Russia will influence activists of the breakaway republic of Ukraine for the investigation of the crash of the Boeing passenger jetliner in the Donetsk region, Russian President Putin promised, opening the meeting of the Security Council. Experts have already dubbed the meeting “historical,” expecting “momentous declarations” from the president


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