Maryna Irkliyenko: Kyiv Post’s ‘journalism school’ got me ready for London

Editor’s Note: The Kyiv Post 20th Anniversary Series continues with an article by Maryna Irkliyenko, who is a London-based private equity correspondent at Mergermarket, a global mergers and acquisitions news service. She was a staff writer at the Kyiv Post from 2009-2013 and for two years wrote the newspaper’s World in Ukraine feature that explored Ukraine’s bilateral relations with different nations.

Via:: Kyiv Post

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One thought on “Maryna Irkliyenko: Kyiv Post’s ‘journalism school’ got me ready for London”

  1. I have read the article that Maryna Irkliyenko wrote about her family. I wanted to thank her for her incite into the history of our country. I am the first born in the United States. My parents and grandparents came to the US after WWII due to the same type of repression that Maryna’s family experienced. My understanding is that they were to stay in Ukraine and die or leave to America. The story Maryna wrote about is almost identical to my grandfathers past. My grandfather brought my mother to America after a Nazi soldier killed my grandmother while she was bringing food to my grandfather and mother. I hope the best for Maryna. Long Live a Free and Democratic Ukraine!!!!!!! To hell with Putin. I say….Leave Ukraine in peace.

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