‘I am not a terrorist’: Wisconsin workers come out in force after Gov. Walker’s ISIS jibe


Unionists surrounded the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, in the week’s third and biggest demonstration against the right-to-work legislation, which would make it illegal for private company trade unions to demand collective dues from employees who are not trade union members themselves.

.@OccupyWallStNYC Marching around State Capitol to say “right to work” is wrong for WI #wiunion#NotATerroristpic.twitter.com/8p3XEyymuf

— OverpassLightBrigade (@OLBLightBrigade) February 28, 2015

The demonstrators held placards reading “Kill the union death bill” and “I am not a terrorist.”

After an eight-hour debate on Wednesday – during which observers were ejected by police – the bill was passed by a narrow margin of 17 to 15. It will now go to the upper chamber next week. The Assembly, which enjoys a wide Republican majority, is expected to rubber-stamp it. It will be enacted as soon as it is signed by Governor and 2016 presidential hopeful Scott Walker.

I’m the #NotATerrorist in the middle. @GovWalker #RTW = #WRONGforWI!! pic.twitter.com/Mndypsvzu8

— Pirjo Holmstrom (@PirjoCheerio) February 28, 2015

Wisconsin would then become the 25th US state to a adopt right-to-work law.

Walker – a renowned anti-union politician – made a gaffe earlier this week. He tried to bolster his future credentials as a US president who can tackle international terrorism, by comparing fighting the Islamic State (ISIS) with his handling of the massive Act 10 protests in Wisconsin four years ago.

“I want a commander in chief who will do everything in their power to ensure that the threat from radical Islamic terrorists does not wash up on American soil. If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world,” Walker told CPAC, a group of influential Republican donors, on Thursday in Maryland.

Rally just starting. Watch out for those protesters. #NotATerroristpic.twitter.com/AN8ct1k1An

— MTEA (@MTEAunion) February 28, 2015

After being roundly criticized for the comments, Walker tried to backtrack, and denied that he was making a direct comparison.

Act 10 – which reduced state workers’ bargaining power and led to union membership falling by one-fifth to around 11.7 percent – has sapped the morale of union workers. Meanwhile, the new legislation would likely result in further union membership numbers, a fall in fees – from both members and non-members – and likely less bargaining power for workers.

The governor insists that any losses will be offset by additional revenues from companies drawn to Wisconsin by the business-friendly legislation.

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So, What Color IS That Dress, Anyway?

By webdesk@voanews.com (Zlatica Hoke) A new dress by British retailer Roman Originals attracted the world’s attention when an international survey showed that people looking at it on the Internet could not agree on what color it is.

Some say it’s blue and black; others go with white and gold. Still others offer slight variations on those pairings.

So what are the true colors? Images uploaded on various social media websites caused a worldwide debate Friday, with many celebrities voicing support for one camp or another. The photo also got some people worrying about whether they needed to see an eye doctor, especially after the British retailer gave a definite answer.

“I would like to definitely resolve this big enigma by clarifying that the color is royal blue and black,” said Michele Bastock, the design director at Roman Originals. “It is not white and gold at all. But we are happy to put into production the white and gold if the demand comes along.”

Optometry experts say the photo is a perfect example of how people’s brains perceive color and process contrast in dramatically different ways.

“The visual system is very complex between males and females, or just between individuals,” said Ramin Rabbani, a California ophthalmologist. “So context has to do with, lighting has to do with how we see things, and ultimately our brain is what interprets [what we see].”

Managers at Roman Originals said they had no idea that the dress, shot in a particular light, might be perceived in different color schemes — not until Friday, anyway, when they were flooded by phone calls and emails. The retailer said there were a million hits on its sales site in the first 18 hours following the photo’s distribution.

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Андрей Смирнов, Марш памяти Бориса Немцова. Антивоенный Марш. Петербург. Прямой эфир

By info@echo.msk.ru (Эхо Москвы) В связи с убийством Бориса Немцова петербуржцы выйдут на Марш памяти известного оппозиционного политика.

Петербуржцы, желающие выразить свой протест против ведущейся уже почти год необъявленной войны в Украине, выйдут на гражданский антивоенный Марш.

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Начало прямой видео-трансляции с Марша 1 марта в 13.45.

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EchoMSK, Запись с камеры видеонаблюдения, на которой зафиксирован момент убийства Бориса Немцова

By info@echo.msk.ru (Эхо Москвы)

Телеканал ТВЦ показал запись с камеры видеонаблюдения, на которой зафиксирован момент убийства оппозиционного политика Бориса Немцова

Качество съемки невысокое, но машины и силуэты людей видно. На записи, предположительно, Борис Немцов со своей спутницей идут по мосту. В 23.31 грузовик скрывает их от камеры. Спустя секунду какой-то человек выбегает на проезжую часть, быстро садится в автомобиль и уезжает. Затем, в нескольких метрах от места происшествия останавливается снегоуборочная машина, и, предположительно, спутница Немцова подходит к водителям. Несколько минут ее скрывает снегоуборочная машина. Как говорится в телесюжете, в 23.42 на место прибыли сотрудники полиции.

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Opposition leader Nemtsov’s murder caught on CCTV camera (VIDEO)


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The camera captured a wide shot of Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge, near the Kremlin, where the crime took place. The quality of the footage is only good enough to distinguish the cars on the bridge and the figures of people moving along it.

According to the video, the politician was gunned down at 23:31 Moscow time by a killer who was allegedly waiting for him on the stairs of the bridge.

The murder happened when Nemtsov and his companion – a woman in a white coat, who is Ukrainian model Anna Durnitskaya – were covered from the camera by a snow-clearing vehicle passing by.

The alleged killer then ran towards a car which was stopped on the bridge several meters away. He got into the passenger’s seat, and the vehicle drove off.

LifeNews also obtained footage showing Nemtsov and Durnitskaya arriving separately at GUM department store facing Red Square at around 22:00 MSK.

The pair apparently had dinner at one of GUM’s restaurants and then decided to walk to the politician’s nearby apartment – the path of which required a walk across Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge.

At the moment, investigators are looking into five possible motives behind Nemtsov’s assassination. According to Vladimir Markin, spokesman for the Investigative Committee, the murder could have been a provocation to destabilize the political situation in Russia.

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It could also be linked to threats Nemtsov received over his stance on the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris or the current war in Ukraine. The politician’s business activities and a possible assault related to his personal life are also being looked into.

Nemtsov, 55, gained popularity as governor of Nizhny Novgorod region from 1991-1997. He also served as energy minister and deputy prime minister under former President Boris Yeltsin. After 1998 he participated in the creation of several liberal movements and parties, serving as a member of parliament. Since 2012, he had co-chaired the liberal party RPR-PARNAS (Republican Party of Russia – People’s Freedom Party), being more involved in business than politics.

Nemtsov’s murder has been condemned around the globe, with US President Barack Obama, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel urging a thorough investigation of the crime.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he will personally oversee the investigation of the assassination, which he called “vile and cynical.”

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Anti-govt vs. anti-racism: Thousands gather for rival rallies in Rome (PHOTOS, VIDEO)


Speaking at the Northern League’s rally, party leader Matteo Salvini accused the government of blindly fulfilling orders given in Brussels. The protest was held at Piazza del Popolo.

The problem isn’t Renzi; Renzi is a pawn, Renzi is a dumb slave at the disposal of some nameless person who wants to control all our lives from Brussels,” Salvini said.

The rally was held under the slogan ‘Renzi a casa’ (“Renzi go home”). According to Salvini, it is ordinary people who suffer from the current government’s policies and the ones of the European Union. The politician especially stressed the situation surrounding Italian truck drivers who have lost their jobs.

#Salvini#renziacasa: tra le guardie e i ladri, noi stiamo con le guardie! E #iostoconstacchio e con Antonio Monella! pic.twitter.com/AEs8jgrgxd

— Matteo Salvini (@matteosalvinimi) 28 февраля 2015

Europe is what’s allowing our truck drivers to be squeezed out by Romanian contracts, Romanian wages and pensions that can be used to come and work in Italy because that’s what Europe wants – a race to the bottom,” Salvini said.

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The politician also blamed banks and the Italian business establishment for the current crisis and economic problems.

I want to change Italy so the economy is able to get back on track,” Salvini said, as quoted by Euronews. “This is currently being prevented by Brussels and crazy European policies.”

The Northern League’s tough anti-immigration position suggests deportation of illegal immigrants. The leader of the party says that limited and controlled immigration is positive, but immigration through the rescue of migrants in the Mediterranean is a disaster.

Oltre a bandiere di Lega e CasaPound, a piazza del Popolo sventolano anche vessilli del genere #MaiConSalvinipic.twitter.com/CsYUp11xe8

— Leonardo Bianchi (@captblicero) 28 февраля 2015

Numerous left wing activists call those views “racist.” Opponents of the Northern League from several organizations and Roman social centers held a simultaneous rally, protesting against the League’s ideas.

Over 35,000 in Euronews estimates joined the march with banners reading “Never with Salvini!” and “Rome doesn’t want you.”

No incidents were registered at the rallies, according to the Corriere della Sera.

Oggi a #Roma gli unici clandestini sono i fascioleghisti #maiconsalvinipic.twitter.com/hzvTw5l8be

— Manolo Luppichini (@manolo_loop) 28 февраля 2015

The Northern League, or ‘Lega del Nord’ in Italian, is a regionalist political party which aims to leave the eurozone, change the policy of austerity, and control immigration. Over the last five years, the party has gained popularity and become one of the largest parties in the north of the country. However, the ruling center-left Democratic Party is still supported by the majority of the population. New regional elections are to be held this spring.

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